Municipality Saraj

Programme nameCBCP RS-MK 2016 – 2020
Call for proposalsSecond call for proposals, EuropeAid/173818/ID/ACT/Multi
Contract number and date of signing48-00-00164/2021-28-8 signed on 27.07.2023
Name of the project“Saraj and Lebane together for green tourism - GREEN TOUR"
Thematic priority of the ProgrammeTP 2: Encouraging tourism and cultural and natural heritage
Specific objective of the ProgrammeSO 2.1: Mobilising cultural and natural resources for joint development of sustainable tourism products and destinations
Project budgetTotal value of the project in €
EU contribution in € including percentage
157,824.38 (85%)
Grant beneficiariesLead applicant

Municipality Saraj

1. Municipality of Lebane
2. ZIP Institute
Project territoryRepublic of North Macedonia, Municipality of Saraj, Skopje Region
Republic of Serbia, Municipality of Lebane, Jablanica district
Project target groupsTourist organizations, tourist agencies and representatives from the Local Self-Government related to tourism (municipal administration, tourist organization, public utility companies) - who will strengthen their capacities and competencies for the management of tourist goods from Skopje and Jablanica district (about 40)
100 business entities (with about 400 employees), small producers and employees in hospitality sector In Saraj and Lebane
Project duration28.07.2023 – 27.01.2025, 18 months
Project intervention logicOverall objective: Improvement of the touristic offer and development of joint sustainable tourism products and destinations in Saraj and Lebane
Specific objective(s):
(1) Touristic offer, products and destinations increased
(2) Visibility of cultural, historical and natural resources and selected destinations is furthered”.
Intermediary outcomes:
 iOc1 “Public tourism infrastructure are improved in terms of upgrading of facilities for environment friendly touristic activities, pollution reduction and sustainable development“ (ref. result 2.1.1);
 iOc2 “The touristic offers from Saraj and Lebane is increased in terms of common natural, and cultural heritage and values” (ref. result 2.1.1.)
Expected results:
Outputs to be delivered by activities composing WP1 to produce iOc1/WP1/SO1 are:
- Hiking/cycling trails rehabilitation in Saraj Municipality (Matka) at least 2 in each region (Op 1.1),
- Hiking/cycling trails rehabilitation in Lebane Municipality (Op 1.1),
- n. 2 projects conceived and implemented to develop environment friendly facilities/rest areas (3 in Saraj/Matka, 3 in Lebane/Cuklejnik) (Op 1.1),
- removal of informal/illegal dumpsites in 10 locations across Saraj and Lebane,
- set of bins for waste sorting, collection and recycling.
Outputs to be delivered by activities composing WP2 to produce iOc2/WP2/SO2 are:
- 1 team of sustainable tourism experts constituted and made operative (Op 2.1),
- n. 2 worshops to at least 40 touristic service providers and operators (Op 2.2)
- n. 1 Joint Touristic Claster for Saraj/Matka & Lebane/Cukljenik, (Op 2.2).
- n. 1 CB touristic map, including integrated touristic offers, created and introduced in Saraj/Matka’ and Lebane/Cukljenik’ sides (Op 2.3),
- n. 1 website of JTC and its CB network (Op 2.3)
- n. 2 Electronic Touristic Terminals installed: 1 in Saraj/Matka, 1 in Lebane/Cukljenik (Op 2.3),
- n. 2 information events,, 1 new cultural event fair, to connect people of the programme area organized, 100 small bussiness and producers promoted on a fair operating in the targeted area (Op 2.3).
- n.1 promotional video and 1 short documentary movie (Op 2.3).
Main activitiesWP 1: Improvement of the touristic offer and development of joint sustainable tourism products and destinations in Saraj and Lebane (related to outputs under iOc1)
Ac.1.1. Improvement of tourism trails/routes for hiking and cycling in Recreation Park Cukljenik (Lebane) and Matka (Saraj)
Ac.1.2. Cleaning dumpsites around trails and urban equipment, bins for new rest areas
Work package 2: Promotion of cultural, historical and natural resources in Saraj and Lebane(related to outputs under iOc2)
Ac.2.1. Mapping the existing cultural, historical and natural resources in Saraj and Lebane (including events, existing tourist routes and offers)
Ac.2.2. Development/establishment of Joint Cross-border tourism cluster for promotion of sustainable tourism.
Ac.2.3. Sightseeing of touristic operators/agencies/associations from North Macedonia and Serbia in both regions
Ac.2.4. Capacity building of Joint Cross-border tourism cluster for promotion of sustainable tourism.
Ac.2.5. To create a web page and Electronic Touristic Terminals of “Saraj/Matka&Lebane/Cukljenik
Ac.2.6. Creation of new tourism products/services
Ac.2.7. Eco-products Fair for promotion of local products and touristic offers – organized on Matka

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