Operating structures

The Serbian Operating Structure for the Programme comprise the Head of the Operating Structure, together with a Support Unit, a Cross-Border Cooperation Body and a Contracting Authority; the first two are located in the Serbian Ministry in charge of European integration, and the last in the Serbian Ministry of Finances.

Person responsible for the affairs of the operating structure for the management of cross-border cooperation programmes under IPA II (Head of Operating Structure) is responsible for cooperating with the NAO to ensure the legality and regularity of the current transaction and responsible financial management of CBC programmes, as well as cooperating with the NIPAC in order to ensure achieving he objectives and results of the CBC programme, ensuring the legality, validity and responsible financial management within the operating structure for the management of CBC programmes;

Body for the cross-border cooperation programmes is responsible for the preparation of CBC programmes or amendments and addition to (audit of) the programme, development of bilateral agreements and ensuring their implementation, ensuring the participation in the meetings of the joint monitoring committees (JMC) and other bilateral meetings, allowing the appointment of representatives to the JMC, establishing JTS and providing human resources for its proper functioning, preparation and implementation of strategic decisions of JMC, supporting the work of the JMC and providing the information necessary for the execution of tasks especially information concerning the progress of the programme in achieving the objectives envisaged by the thematic priorities as defined in the CBC programme, as well as for other functions in accordance with relevant EU and Serbian legislation.

Contracting Authority is responsible for the implementation of public procurement procedures (publishing calls for proposals), contracting, payments, accounting, monitoring the implementation of contracts and financial reporting related to the awarding of grants or other contracts in the framework of implementation of CBC programmes under IPA II, as well as for other function in accordance with relevant EU and Serbian legislation.

The Republic of North Macedonia Operating Structure for the Programme comprise of the Head of the Operating Structure, Cross Border Cooperation Body and the Control Body. The role of the Head of the Operating Structure is performed by high official of the Ministry of Local Self-Government and CBC Coordinator nominated by the Minister of Local Self-Government and designated by the NIPAC with a designation act, while the role of the Republic of North Macedonia CBC Body is performed by a structure within the Ministry of Local Self- Government. The duties of the Control Body are discharged by an Organisational Unit within the Department responsible for finance matters within the Ministry of Local Self-Government, functionally separated from the CBC Body.

The Republic of Serbia and the Republic of North Macedonia’s Operating Structures jointly ensure all tasks related to programming, including any amendments to the Programme Document; management of technical assistance under the Programme; implementation at programme level (as opposed to contract level), including establishment and management of the Joint Technical Secretariat; monitoring, evaluation and reporting at programme level, including establishment and organisation of the Joint Monitoring Committee; availability of information on the Programme, as well as its publicity and visibility. They also secure regular and smooth communication between the Serbian and the Republic of North Macedonia’s Operating Structures.

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June 2024

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